The 5 Steps to writing good sales copy

What is Sales Copy

What Is Sales Copy

The Term Sales copy simply refers to the art of influencing people to take action.

What Is Sales Copy

The Term Sales copy simply refers to the art of influencing people to take action.

Good copywriting is the difference between prospects hanging up on you or them calling back and setting up an appointment.

If you’ve ever called a business and gotten an answering machine, then you understand how important it is to get your point across right away in your outgoing message.

Sales copy is a form of marketing communication that is designed to persuade customers to purchase products or services.

Sales copy can be found in the form of advertisements, email campaigns, and sales letters.

Sales copy is written by marketers and often includes persuasive language that encourages customer action.

It is often used for lead generation and conversion rates optimization.

Sales copy is the part of your website that communicates what you do, why you’re better than anyone else, and how you can help people solve their problems.

All of this information should be told in a way that’s believable and concise.

After all, you don’t want to sound pushy, so keep your messaging as helpful as possible and try to avoid “fluff”.

Steps To Writing Effective Sales Copy

Step 1: Select an attention-grabbing headline
Step 2: Identify your buyer personas
Step 3: Create a list of benefits for each persona
Step 4: Create a “hook” that pulls your reader in
Step 5: Write your first sentence…

When writing your sales copy, it’s important to stick to the 5 W’s: who, what, when, where, and why.

Focusing on these elements will help guide you in creating a story around your product or service that helps answer the questions you know your target audience is wondering.

Answer in this format:

Who are you selling to? Name of audience or demographic you’re targeting with the sales message;
What’s the story?
What do you offer them?
What makes it appealing to the reader?
When will this take place?
What’s the time frame of the story?
Where will it take place?
Where will the products be available?
Why is this happening?
What value does this provide to the reader?

Answer their #1 objection or concern (use a story to answer this)

A good writing rule of thumb is “no facts in the first line of your sales copy”.

Sales copy is a marketing term for the text that accompanies an advertisement or promotion.

It is typically written in a persuasive style and often contains a call to action.

Sales copy can be found in many forms, such as on the web, in print, on TV, or even on radio.

Sales copy will always have some sort of call to action for the reader because that is what it was designed for.

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